Looking for talented individuals

  • Those who want hundredfold improvements, in other words those who do not value their current skills.
  • Honest and good person.
  • Compared to those who are permitted, and are more willing to apologize. If you want to do something even after deliberate consideration, you should just do it. One of my favorite stories is the one when president Kennedy visited NASA.He asked a staff who had a broom "What are you doing?"And then,the staff answered "I am sending a person to the moon,sir."
  • Individual who can discover the path to success, other than one who finds excuses for their failure. Able to like the company and the current companions.
  • Able to like the company and the current companions.

Reference books for further understanding the company's culture.

Job Level

  • Promotion system

    Grade General Professional
    CXO ■ Leader to establish plans, and execution.
    • Able to draw up a business plan for the company and consider how to practice and guide it.
    • Able to recruit and train employees for the company, activate the group and possess executive power.
    ■Authority of the professional field.
    • Had expertise in the field, having excelled in the field enough to publish a book.
    • Able to produce original and innovative ideas in the market. (Having thoughts of expanding the blue ocean market)
    Vice President / Director ■ Leader capable of supporting the chief executive. (Having ability to become the associate of the CEO)
    • Understand the tasks of Director leader and able to assist them.
    • Able to lead and train Manager members.
    Vice Director / Manager ■Team Reader
    • Able to bring members together and have achievement after execution.
    • Able to lead and train Vice Manager members.
    Vice Manager ■ Group leader
    • Able to finish their responsible business exceeding the expectations and capable of providing advices to other members.
    ■ Confident about own expertise
    • Capable of providing help for others.
    • Able to logically and fully express oneself.
    Member ■ Potential member
    • Able to finish given tasks consistently.

  • Quarter review

    Our leader check our work in each quarter and decide the paying from -30% to +30% . So it is possible to increase your paying in a short time.

Employee Benefits

  • Dinner or Toast ?

    We will have dinner together in each month. If we reach our aim of the month ,we can have a banquet .On the other hand,if we could not, we will have just a toast.
  • Sometimes you should just play!

    Karaoke,Gym,Extrication game. CEO: I like this! Our company cover this expenses! CEO: Let's go to the maze game together !
  • Year-end party

    Last year ,we really had the most expensive dinner in Taiwan.
  • Office coinage system Incentive system.

    Write your feelings on the back side of a card and give it to the person you want to thank.The card is voucher. Give it to CEO,you can change it to money. You can get the card once in a quarter. Don't hesitate to express your feeling at this time!
  • Introduction bonus system

    If you intriduce someone to this company and the person worked for 3 months,you will get $. The person who were introduced will get this as well.But remember,our interview is really hard.
  • Monthly achievement bonus(now trial)

    Our business culture is " share everything with all, not only for the person who did good work".When we achieve our monthly goal,give bonus to each person depends on how he/she contribute to our office. (only when you achieved the monthly goal and read the book which is set in each month.)
  • Compensation for computers

    Macbook pro for research developers ( approximately 152,000 yen), Mac book air for the others (approximately 11,600 yen) The expence is going to be splited into 3 years from the following month (of 10 th) of your request.
  • Allowance for Personal Use Device

    Employees can apply for allowance for any purchase of work-related device (e.g. camera, notebook, cell phone, etc) with permission from the boss. Each eligible application can be subsidized by 50% of purchase price up to NT$9,000 and the allowance will be provided as 6-month installment.
  • scholarship

    Cover up to 3,600 yen when you want to attend seminers or events which are good for your work.(when your boss allow you to go.)

    "I want to bring my cat to our office.." CEO "Ok" . Now considering dormitory, company trip